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License Requirements

Interested in starting your own business?
Would you like to obtain your own dealer license?
Do you want to purchase vehicles at auction prices and take advantage of the deals reserved for big dealers?

Then you need to get your dealer license today!

Buying and selling cars is a lucrative way of doing business and earning a lot of money. However, what you may not know is that in order for you to legally engage in this kind of trade, you first have to get an Auto Dealer license. Dealing cars privately will place you at great risks if you do not own an Auto Dealers License. All states have legal limits when dealing with private auto sales, usually 3 to 5 per year. That sole fact makes it very hard for anyone to make any real money unless you are a licensed dealer.

Profitable Advantages

Having an Auto Dealers License has many profitable advantages. One good example is having access to any Auto Auction house nationwide. These auctions sell vehicles at wholesale prices and they are the same places where banks, auto lenders and other big dealers in the auto industry bring cars to have them liquidated. However entering Dealers auctions is only possible by having an Auto Dealers License.

The state of Indiana requires a pursuant of a license to have a legal place of business that meets all state requirements and zoning code from the Indiana Secretary of State before you can be granted a license. Auto Dealer License USA has office suites available; these offices meet all zoning requirements to qualify you for a wholesale dealers license.

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